Mooi (Sports Clubbing) by KENAN OZCAN
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The main approach here is to exceed beyond the lines. So, the interior was designed not just like a sports center but also like a club. The potantial of physical energy inside the athletes was passed through to all the elements of the interior space with aesthetic finishings.
The interior was designed not like a sports center but sports clubbing. The industrial elements like air ducts, metal railings and stripes make balance and create a harmony with colourful elements, fabrics, lights, art pieces and even disco balls.
Design Challenges
The challenge here is to make the client accept a concept like this. It was told to client that it will be a real advantage to have a sports club just like a night club.
Production Technology
The interior space has three stroreys that includes lounge, spa, pilates studios and spinning studios excluding open sports spaces. It aims to make users have fun when to do sport at the mezzanine by the six-meters projection movie screen. Metal panels with cnc tecniques, partitions by metal and fabric, decorative wall panels, industrial elements, marbles, mirrors with aged effect, etc. are used as materials with art pieces. In order to reflect the energy, red is used as main colour of the project design.
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