Z Temple (Leisure Resort) by Liwan Yang
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Hospitality, Recreation, Travel and Tourism Design Award Winner
The project was inspired by the environment and temple structure. The vision was to create a space as an humble house, to calm and relax the traveller’s mood. In order to balance the grandeur of big scale and the intimacy of the space, the interior used the existing beam as the basic elements to guide the sequence of public area, it gives the penetrating sensation of the open space but also have the individual zone.
This project is located at the gate of Emei mountain. Its prime location requires visibility and sophistication. And this hotel is managed by Le Meridien, the keystone for the brand is to mix culture in the modern way and provide the guest new experience and new way to look at the world. Our design is intended both cultural and the international.
Design Challenges
The biggest challenge of the design was to transform traditional religious and architectural symbols and features, giving them a new form and life, while keeping the essence and connection with the original. In addition, creating a relaxing resort while maintaining a strong sense of calmness and zen wasn't an easy task. The balance of yin and yang was essential in all aspects from space planning to material selection. Last but not least, the peculiar structure of the architecture was not designed in a way to conform to the regularity and balanced design of traditional Chinese architecture.
Production Technology
Because the building structure was not well organized, to arrange original structure and the equipment, it was the essential work for the production. Dyed oak, fumed oak, reclaimed indigenous wood panel, and chiseled stone paver flooring, brass are major materials for the space to create the texture for the nature and comfort design intend.
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