Kuum (Toy Blocks) by MARIE UNO
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Baby, Kids' and Children's Products Design Award Winner
The 36 pieces express fundamental elements of rich Japanese nature like pebbles, twigs, and sea shells. While they have potential to become a part of something larger and special, they will still remind us of the beautiful, original elements - even after being built. The lengths and angles of each piece been carefully calculated and designed to maximize the number of combinations possible within the 202 pieces. The diversity, limitation, and their pre-established harmony enables the immense imagination and creativity.
This collection of beautiful and innovative toy blocks, infused with poetic stories, consists of 12 iconic units, with 2 color variants per unit. The units can be further disassembled into unique 36 different shapes (202 pieces in total). Make more variations, both simple and abstract, than you could ever imagine. Once you hand these to children, you will be surprised how long they concentrate, and how versatile the block's application can be.
Design Challenges
1) reduction of the manufacturing cost. Because we wanted to have a wide variety of unique shaped pieces, the biggest challenge was the cost. All the pieces were designed to have at least two parallel planes. This way they can be produced in a cookie-cutter manner at factories, while maintaining the uniqueness and varieties of shapes. 2) color and shape quality control. It was very challenging to control the quality of 36 different colors of the blocks and shapes. It could not have been achieved without the manufacturing team's rigorous cooperation.
Production Technology
block material: natural beech wood
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