The Carry-On (Luggage) by mauricio issa
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Award Winner
Luggage is a 32B usd market with an antiquated business model and product designs. Cost of goods to retail mark ups as massively inflated driven by middle men margins, physical store rents, overstocked inventories, and commissioned sales people. On the design side, mainstream luggage brands have not evolved much from the use of nylon and poly carbonate. Regardless of price point, the products look the same. We aimed to disrupt the industry by using novel materials and changing the business model. Integrating 3 core values, quality, elegance and practical intelligence.
We believe aesthetics are integral to usefulness. We sourced a lightweight aluminum magnesium alloy from the U.S. It is 2.3 times stronger than poly carbonate. A high density anti microbial interior lining from Taiwan, Full grain vegetable tanned leather from Florence, Italy. Patented Japanese Silent Run Lisof wheels, 15 percent quieter than counterparts. Lithium ion cells from Japan for our built in, 10050mAh portable battery that can be removed without opening the case and replaced zippers with TSA approved open/close coded locks.
Design Challenges
Our first challenge was metal forming. Options included superplastic forming, deep drawn, and stamping bending. We decided on the latter due to production speed, choice of aluminum alloy and quality of the factory. With elegance in mind, we wanted to focus on design elements that mattered most. We added critical rigidity to the shells by having the horizontal grooves, carefully placed without compromising our design philosophy and respecting other design patents. As we had a large handle housing to accommodate the portable charger, we had to completely redesign it, so didn’t take too much space on the inside while maintaining usefulness.
Production Technology
We analyzed several series for the Aluminum Magnesium alloy for best tensile strength and density. Visited factories that specialize in metal forming for our design requirements, tested several finishes to achieve the desired shine and anodized to improve resistance to scratches. We are one of the first to use Silent run Lisof patented Japanese wheel material, which is 15 percent quieter than polyurethane wheels. For the custom plastic parts, we used virgin polypropylene and ABS Injection molding. Specially designed and tooled to fit our Carry On and maximize packing space.
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