Freaktion (Craft Beer) by Updott Branding
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Food, Beverage and Culinary Arts Design Award Winner
In a market of craft beers booming, which is the best niche to be working? How to differentiate in such a competitive environment? What is the right name? And what about communication? The brand was created to be irreverent, plenty with humor, modern, willing to lift people out of their comfort zone, beginning by the name, Freaktion, and following by deconstructed visual identity and its communication.
Competitive analysis, consumer, market trends, public habits and more liters of information allowed the designers to build territories positioning and marking where each competitor worked for detect an empty space of action. Freaktion was born from freak and friction. A brand that represents authenticity and modernization. The logo brings friction through the typography and at the same time amplifies its youthfulness through vibrant colors. The visual universe is predominantly typographic, in dark colors that strengthen an unique positioning of the brand.
Design Challenges
Unlike the mainstream big brands, the craft has very unique products, working in functional areas. This factor influences a lot in their positions. They have real positioning because they are supported by rational attributes. And here comes a good way to seek differentiation in this market, bringing a brand DNA with factors that generate tension. The tension makes people, stories and most interesting and amazing brands. This tension results in a more engaged and passionate consumers. However, there is no tension when a brand has only rational position. The challenge then was to create a brand that represents authenticity and modernization at the same time, bringing a classic aspiration of an extremely premium and gourmet products. In addition to attributes that create tension between the emotional speech and the product.
Production Technology
The labels of the beers are printed in a special silver paper, where all colors, except by white and black, are in holographic, differing more from labels out there.
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