Monai (Human Centric Lightening Table) by Neringa Orlenok
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Winner
Monai is a product with traditional and modern elements. The shape of light table was inspired by the objects found in a nature. In the morning it is the sun at home and before you go to bed it converts into the moon with gentle light which helps to fall asleep.
Monai is a light table with the circadian lighting technology which helps user to balance biological clock and feel better. It keeps you awake in the first part of a day and helps you to get asleep in the evening.
Design Challenges
The creative challenge of MONAI could be divided into two parts of development. The first stage is choosing the right form, materials and object dimensions suitable for both: children and adults. Second phase of challenge is the actual fabrication and assembly. Round base is quite a challenge if its not mass produced.
Production Technology
Monai is made of high quality materials. Light table body is made of plywood, which is covered with oak veneer. Folding legs are made of high quality solid oak. The top is covered with tempered glass evenly illuminating film and is installed adaptive circadian lighting system.
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