Racconti Del Campo (Logo, Packaging Identity) by Stefano Giuseppe Dell'Orto
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Packaging Design Award Winner
We looked for the answer to this question: what keep all of them together? Which is the common story behing each of them? The most interesting ones came to us considering the origin: a field. Any raw material came from a cultivated field and for sure anyone has its own story, emotions, values and experience to tell! So that we created a name that litterally is "Field stories" and a relative identity treated as a book chain where any single author can tell its story.
It was needed to find a fil rouge, a unique concept, through a range of flours with very different origins: mais, rice, kamut, durum wheat, common wheat, chickpeas, etc. Our client, Selezione Casillo, part of the biggest weath company in Italy, was calling this offer simply as Farine Speciali but it was not differentiating and giving value to the richness of the product. We had to find a concept that would keep all the differences in one single rich soul expressing their values and quality.
Design Challenges
Found the concept that would have kept such different product and flours together in an interesting, unique and differentiating way.
Production Technology
White kraft paper bags printed on the rough side and matched with a PE transparent film. Printed with 7 colors. Main two Pantone 6 U black, one for the illustatrions and one for the text. The remaining colors used for informaive icons.
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