Feather (Coffee and Side Table) by Apiwat Chitapanya
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
The impression of the beauty of the plumage while drifting and overlapping layers. It has become to be the Feather collection. The collection consists of one side and one coffee table. Both have that hand-made welded stainless steel base with a laser cutting and a wooden top. The Feather table gives the sensation that is so light and it could be fly.
Feather side table is a Furniture Art, similar to sculptures which made by hand piece by piece, the Feather table collection uses skilled craftsmanship, that results in exquisite pieces where small stainless steel pieces are welded in order to create a composition of feathers. This welded element acts as the base of the table, supporting the wood top.
Design Challenges
As it is the handmade production. Sometimes, by using the welding technique may causes of some error, such a twist shape while welding. Or human does its is an error while working.
Production Technology
The processing to create the Feathers is consist of welding stainless steel technique as base and laser-cut metal or wood top.
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