Glowing (Light Installation) by Nils-R. Schultze
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Winner
Inspired by the old Neon-light, this LED-installation shows a technical topic in an art way. Is like an low tech installation by using only 13 pix in high and 5 pix in width. There is the normal way of function, show how many energy is inside the tanks and there is a second way in which it is an artistic screen, shown big artwork in a size of 25m x 40m. The installation is the landmark show the borderline of the science park.
The power plant of the BTB brings ecological energy to the Science-Park Adlershof. Around the water reservoirs there are rings with RGB installed. The installation shows, how many energy is in the reservoirs. Corresponding to the warm up the colors of the reservoir changes. There is a second mode of the installation. For special Events is there a special way to perform the light rings, every ring can be controled individual. In this way the Installation change to a dynamic Light-Installation.
Design Challenges
bring the idea of a strong simple design of old neon advertising lights in the time of LED. Now it looks simple, but has much more functions than the old neon, it can change color and it´s dimmable. The installation must be demountable without any traces from the tanks. And the goal was, to create a landmark shows the beginning of the Science Park.
Production Technology
RGB-LED controlled by DMX-technology and special computer software
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