Punjab Kesari (Office) by Amit Gupta
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
The inspiration was to translate a traditional Indian facade pattern by using digital simulations into an iterative processes to create a responsive built form. This traditional "Jali" screen creates culturally a sense of belonging. Sustainability is at the epicenter of the project embedded in form of, optimized natural lighting, cross ventilation and reduction of heat gain. An urban lobby is created whereby landscape flows inside the building and creating a seamless movement path.
Designed as a "Fusion" of traditional Indian architecture and contemporary office space, the main objective is to reduce heat gain and optimize facade opening ratio, ensuring no artificial lighting is required on a typical day. An animated facade is designed as an outcome of different facade opening ratio depending on the orientation. Flexible office spaces are developed with a communicative atrium allowing for chance interaction and exchange of ideas creating this vibrant office environment.
Design Challenges
Digital simulations to achieve the open closed ratios across all elevations is very sophisticated and time consuming. As it took several factors into account such as to reduce the air conditioning load and achieving ideal lux level. Another challenge was to achieve the built up area with the existing height restriction and getting enough area on ground to allow for fire truck movement. Further to create flexible office floors with dividable units for rental and achieve the characteristic of a headquarter.
Production Technology
Digital parametric tools were used to design the building. An iterative loop system was setup for facade design where the facade openings had to achieve the optimized opening ratio as per the desired lux level inside and the shading requirements. As the project is located in India the structure is done with simple in-situ beam column system. The complexity of the project is inherent in the facade, by using GRC panels which are molded in the factory a high degree of precision can be achieved.
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