Roam Into The Lake (Clinic Waiting Area) by Studio. Ho Design Ltd.
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Stroll to the lakeside, lush forest with water and mist, Leading into the overture of this space; Wood ceiling curved and turns to layers shadows, shimmer revealing from the bottom like waves, Point, line, extending to the surface, with the animal silhouettes in large format, to make this space with fun, depth and soothing ambiance, redefine the existing frame of space.
Trying to break the impression of existing waiting area, extending the level of the space and transform the waiting mood; could have more possible not just waiting and transition. Interlace the sunlight and shadow in the lake to constitute the mildness between the people and the space.
Design Challenges
The system presents a large area of a square iron mesh geometry segmentation. Combined the existing fire protection and sprinkler systems with ceiling design, and also make the light enrich the space layer.
Production Technology
Use the features of paint iron and wear plastic tiles easy maintenance, so that the public space can be efficiently maintained. Large and organic physical sofa, make the parents and children activities in a safe environment.
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