Fashion of Music (Installation Space) by Jason Cheung
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Event and Happening Design Award Winner
Inspiration to uplift the image of this trade fair came from the trade fair organizer requirement to provide an eye catching design which is neutral to the 1500 fashion brands exhibiting. With this challenge and by researching a plethora of fashion trends led us to create something anonymous yet eye catching. The designs had to tells a story between music and its relationship with fashion. This symbiotic relationship was our inspiration to design the physical entrance installation and multi-functional space.
Two areas were provided by the organizers to uplift the image of the 2016 HK fashion week from a sourcing fair to a marketing show. First an installation was created at the venue’s main entrance under the concept fashion of music to welcome attendees. This was made using a 5m high LED monolith, themed mannequins and large lit title signage. Following this concept, a 350m2 multifunctional space inside the main exhibition hall, were fashion shows, open seminars, bar and lounge for informal meetings activities occurred was built and named the music station.
Design Challenges
The most challenging part was finding a design concept could change the image perception of this annual fashion sourcing trade fair into a marketing show. After analysing a proliferation of fashion & culture magazines, websites and videos a holistic thematic approach to build 2 different spatial formats under the concept fashion of music was born. With this core concept, the design production process followed nicely to make the organiser’s area different from any of its previous versions.
Production Technology
Less waste was one of our objectives. the backdrop walls were built with lightweight reusable aluminium systems cladded with sound proofing foam and back lit LED for the entrance installation. For the multifunctional space (350m2 x 5m high) biodegradable carpets was used. The backdrop wall was built with reusable aluminium system cladded with black metal mesh. Real instruments mixed with vinyl or foam board graphics were used for ornamentation.
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