Epson Drupa2016 (Exhibition Stand) by Ton Wittebol
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
EPSON uses special branding for exhibitions. A blue parallelogram. Next to their logo of course. This parallelogram-shape was our inspiration for the trees, and the graphic treatment accross the project. For instance It was used as a tessalation in frosted material on LED backlit walls. And on the trees.
EPSON Europe asked us to develop their "home" for 10 days at Drupa 2016. The largest paper and printing exhibition in the world. The stand should accommodate the different markets EPSON serves, as well as offer space for reception and hospitality. We designed a simple large shape representing and covering the brand. On a lower level we created "trees" clearly identifying the different product areas. A pleasant clear space with special shapes doing a perfect job for the client.
Design Challenges
Getting suspended weights within the limitations of the building. The client loved the big idea from the beginning. Quiet a lot of time was spent on arranging products within available space without blocking sightlines and clarity for the visitor.
Production Technology
The umbrella-shape consists of poly-carbonate hollow core sheet suspended from a very light-weight aluminium tensile construction. This was needed to meet the very limited weight-load for the ceiling of the hall in Dusseldorf. Hollow sheet is repeated in the tree-fillings and in backlit seperation walls. Professional lighting company helped accentuate the sleek lines of the design. Furniture is kept simple and mainly made of high gloss white melamine. Also designed for re-use in forthcoming projects.
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