Bubble (Table Lamp) by Tiago Curioni
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Winner
The inspiration came from the well-known child's game by blowing bubbles through a straw. Also, it was also a need to launch a table lamp for our studio, something unprecedented yet. This simple and innocent image in contrast with the brass and marble nobility was the ignition of this project.
We consider that the essence of this lamp is the simplicity of the solution of the sphere bearing in a ring, allowing various positioning of the brass rod and giving a dynamic character and total interaction with the user. As the rod can be positioned in different ways, the lamp acquires different readings each time it has its position changed, creating different readings and sensations.
Design Challenges
The major obstacle was to find blocks of marble since the majority is cut to manufacture plates. The technology to carve out a sphere from this block was another challenge won with Senai technology center, a public Brazilian university.
Production Technology
The Bubble lamp is made from a solid block of a Brazilian marble found in the state of Espirito Santo. The sphere was carved with a special CNC for stonecraft as well as the holes for the wire and the rail to support the rod. The brass rod was cut by hand so the LED lamp was fitted and the stem tips are movable for maintenance. The entire assembly rests freely on a brass ring allowing the rod rotation and random positioning so that it can be in vertical, horizontal, angled, upwards or downwards directions.
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