Weave (Curio Shelf) by Weizhong Zhu
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
The inspiration derived from the warp and weft of real cotton or bamboo plain weaving. The imagination of the designer began with winding the leather pieces through the pillars to create an enlarged version of warp and weft weaving. As the design ought to be usable, wooden slabs were then introduced to be joint with the leather and pillar weaving, forming all components into a curio shelf.
The method of winding the leather pieces through the pillars basically lay a foundation for the warps and wefts structure. Also the leathers provide a soft-looking texture which makes it more like a real weave. Such feature is obvious when the viewer looks at it from its behind. The corners of wooden slabs is cut into bevels, making the body of the Weave flat and light. Its permeability allows it to save the connection of the separated parts when it is uesed as a space divider.
Design Challenges
The thermal expansion and contraction may affect the life of the wooden frame and the leathers. This challenge is overcame with the drying process of woods and adding accessories to the leathers.
Production Technology
Wooden materials were treated with a drying process, as it enabled the durability of the wooden frame to against the thermal expansion and contraction. The bottom of the slabs has wooden beam addons joint by mortise-tenon technique, which was also for the enhancement of the basic durability of the frame. The leather pieces are double sole, stitched together by using the needle method for making handmade leather wares, which makes the Weave distinctive from many leather furniture currently available in the market.
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