Corona (Cabinet) by Weizhong Zhu
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
The designer was inspired by the steel sheets walling a construction site when he was waiting for green traffic signal. The corrugation of the sheets aroused him with a new idea of using non straight lines on the metal component of a furniture. Lately he found out a cabinet could provide sufficient size to express the beauty of wrinkled metal and granite's irregular texture provided a good direction for creation as such texture conveys a strong visual sense of nature.
The design is a combination of the nature and artifact. The doors of the cabinet on the body part using abounding wrinkled line imitate the texture of nature granite.
Design Challenges
Because stainless steel is the raw material of the doors, the wooden frame must be able to sustain very strong weights. To ensure that the doors are well sustained, and could open and close normally, the designer decided to use pivot hinge at the roof and at the legs to attach the doors.
Production Technology
The production technologies include using mortise-tenon joints for the wooden frame and legs, hammering stainless steel on the outer surface of the doors, using pivot hinges to attach the doors to the wooden frame, and using the needle method for making small leather wares to attach the leather pieces to the backboard in the inside of the cabinet.
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