Industrial Nature (Work, Communication) by Ji Pan
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The rising of creative class shapes new office space and form, which needs more flexibility and autonomy. The designer of this loft office space fully considered the demands of creative class and the space scale: the plan is to enhance spatial fluidity and maximize display function, make the whole space more flexible, and also balance both industry style and nature touching.
This loft is designed for multi-purpose, so the boundaries of the space functions are even blurred to bring more flexibility. For example, the gym could turn into a conference room, a showroom, a library or even a café. And the blurred boundaries technique even extends to the indoor and outdoor space, it means when you are inside you will feel as if you are at outdoor space.
Design Challenges
To create a indoor space with outside effect which is more relaxed and passionate.
Production Technology
The plenty using of plants is a major highlight of this space, verdant plants are everywhere which produce fresh air and brighten work area with natural color, therefore people could take a break from the complicated and monotonous work. Combination of wood and black metal retains the industrial roughness, and the introduction of green plant inject the vital force to the space, thus they complement each other and build such a creating space.
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