Lounge Chair (Cat Toy) by Shih-Chang Hsiao
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Pet Supplies and Products for Animals Design Award Winner
This project was inspired by observing the behavior of cats towards playing with a recycled cardboard box. Using eco friendly material is a great idea for making fun toys for cats. The first idea came to designer minds were cat house or bed. The cat owners can participate in building their own cat houses for their cats to sleep in and play with.
Lounge Chair is a multi purpose cat toy with scratcher. A cave like semi open space provides hiding and security functions. The sloped area provides comfortable space for the cats to play and rest. The scratcher is located in the center of the interior for the cats to exercise their paws. The scratcher can be replaced when needed. It takes only a few minutes to assemble the product. This product also comes with a flattened package design for easy shipping.
Design Challenges
The cardboard product made for cats is not a new idea. However, most cardboard products made for cats on the market nowadays are cube boxes like, or are focused on the surface decorations rather than the structure of the form itself. The importance of the structure can make a big difference for this project to be different from any other preexisting products. The cat toys can be an important piece of furniture in people’s living area. Le Cheer likes Lounge Chair to be able to accommodate the esthetic of the environment it is in or stand out as an interesting structure in the living space. The challenge of this product is to find a good balance between the material and the structure of the form for production. For example, what is the best way to assemble the flat 2D cardboard into a 3D form? How much can the material take the weight of the cat? What kind of minimal structure of the cat bed gives the best support and comfort to the cat? The product with a great structural design not only strengthens the object for easy assembling, but also enables the capability for mass production.
Production Technology
To ensure the right proportion and structure of the design as well as working efficiency Lounge Chair was started from small scale models and then turned into full scale model. It is made from hard corrugated cardboard and formed by many sloped angle shapes. The cardboard can only be folded in straight lines to form shapes. This characteristic limitation of the hard corrugated cardboard dictates a geometric form. The 3D structure was created by using design software to make the job possible in terms of efficiency and precision.
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