Datelite (Calendar Controlled Lamp) by Cody Moore
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Winner
My sister is very happily married, and has three beautiful little girls. However, both her and her husband work very hard to support them, and as a result rarely ever get to spend time together as a family. For Christmas I built them a computer controlled lamp, powered by a Raspberry Pi, that would remind them of the most special memories that they shared together. This was in the hope that the lamp and the knowledge it brought would bring their family closer together.
Datelite subtly reminds you of special moments through the manipulation of light. Every day the lamp remains on, emitting a cool glow; but some days are not like others. During meaningful days, such as birthdays and anniversaries, the halo of light spreads farther across the wall and illuminates the room with bright light.  If you have forgotten the occasion at hand, simply rotate Datelite counterclockwise using the raised handle. The light dims and a simple, hidden display reminds you.
Design Challenges
The most challenging aspect of this project was programming the computer for the initial prototype of the lamp. Without prior knowledge of coding or PCB I spent several weeks creating and testing the lamp while integrating an iPhone application interface. It was an incredible learning experience, without the effort of which this project could not have been brought to fruition.
Production Technology
After creating the initial working prototype for my sister and her husband, I decided to rework the entire design for a more elegant approach. Sketches and foam models were instrumental to the design process, which was eventually fully realized with a combination of 2D and 3D rendering programs.
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