Skywalker (Architecture) by Kris Lin
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The building is named as skywalker, which indicates to walk into the sky. Look from the appearance, the whole building is concise and elegant, presenting a state to “take off from the surface of the earth”. The building invites people to raise head and watch the sky, implying a smooth and upward trend in everything.
Design techniques The entire building presents an airplane-like triangle shape. With a total height of 6 meters, the building consists of two floors mainly in steel structure. Transparent light glass is used to separate the space, granting anurban temperament that is modern and stylish. The tail part is upwarping, just like an airplane’s tail, highlighting an upward trend and a dynamic feeling.
Design Challenges
The interior building is divided into several sectors with concise lines. Folded plate design technique is used to create the head space, like the sail of a sailing boat, coinciding with the building’s “take-off”connotation. The internal tone is champagne, combined with a little purple color to show a low-key luxurious feeling. The internal decoration is also modern and concise, with appropriate furniture used to neutralize the slightly cold building.
Production Technology
Aluminum Plate, outdoor wood
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