Inmoov (Adjustable Movable Lamp) by Lieven Nina
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Winner
The inspiration for the inMOOV lamp comes from the movements in nature such as flowers opening or jellyfish swimming. I wanted to transfer this fascinating movement into a living space. For the body of the lamp, inspired by the Invertible Cube of Paul Schatz, I invented the Invertible Disc that can fold itself in and out.
inMOOV is a ceiling lightening device. Its unique features are that its body is movable around lamp’s horizontal axis folding itself inside and out. This movement is based on my invention of the Invertible Disc. The body of the lamp is fitted with LED strips of maximum luminous flux of 1200 lm. Users adjust position of the lamp’s body by hand. By doing so they can choose light colour changes form 3500 when it is open to 2500 Kelvin when it is closed.
Design Challenges
The challenge of the inMOOV project was to create an adjustable, movable object that transfers movements from nature into a living space.
Production Technology
The lamps are assembled by hand in Berlin. Material of the white lamp: Body: textile and wood Construction: steal and brass Light: LEDs Material of the black lamp: Body: Textile and Wood Construction: carbon and PVC Light: LEDs
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