Titanium Choker (Parametric Design) by Aleksandra Grishina
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Generative, Algorithmic and Parametric Design Award Winner
The mathematical model discovered by the Russian mathematician G. Vorony, which describes the fundamental structural principal of almost all physical systems, lies at the basis of this design. Thanks to the development of 3D simulation programs that are based on the generation of random numbers, we came across the possibility to produce similar structures. We neither analogize nature nor attempt to copy its pattern. Rather, we create geometry according to to the same logic nature does.
For the first time we have created jewelry in parametric design, fulfilled it in titanium and with an extra-quality finish. This design is a new word in jewelry, inspired by contemporary architecture and natural forms. Its fulfillment is a precedent in jewelry art because of the combination its unique material, massive scale and detailed finish. The color is obtained by a special chemical treatment and makes it pop out, opposed to traditional gold and silver colors of metals used in jewelry. Altogether, it is a radical artistic experience oriented towards the future.
Design Challenges
We work with titanium. We are the first on the Russian market to create such ambitious pieces out of this unyielding metal. The goal of our work is to popularize Russian science and its achievements. We want to develop our potential for domestic manufacturing. We believe that we can create works at the highest level in our country, which will attract admirers from around the globe. Each of our collections will be made using new materials and will reflect the latest ideas and scientific theories.
Production Technology
We work with titanium. It provides us new dimensions in jewelry. First, it's very light, thus we have have created an large object that is easy to wear. Secondly and still more interesting, we can turn it practically any iridescent color of the rainbow using a complex chemical treatment. We have also used a 18ct logo.
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