Times Ocean Club House (Entertament) by Kris Lin
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Point ,line, surface are our main inspiration, two points become into one line, and three lines become into one surface, our concept is the natural, the ocean the sand,we use that in our design become the flooring.and also the concept of sculpture ,we use that in the wall and corridor.
The meaning of life originates from the pursuit of the essence in life. Taking off the gorgeous cover and abandoning all the pomposities, it finally goes back to the value in people’s heart and the truth of life. But art is unceasing exploration for human life, the repeated debating and rethinking, the practice and verification of life, which finally concludes as an idea and completes the art works. “The art of life, the life of art” is the core value of the design of the project .
Design Challenges
Different from the 2D approach of drawing, the sculpture is more stereoscopic and the sculptors complete the works from three-dimensional angle. Designer of this project is trying to realize the design of the space through sculpture, which adopts 3D modeling instead of 2D model. The whole design features the lines consisted of dots and a surface consisted of lines, then a three-dimensional space consisted of surfaces in different angles. Every line and every surface is something which is carefully carved by the sculptor and the final interior space design itself is an artwork.
Production Technology
Notch Wood;Venge;Oak;Persian Wood;Maple;Pear Fluor-carbon Paint;Venus Beige;Beige Opalina;Tundla Grey;Karibi;Brown Sugar;Volakas;Mosaic;Tawny Mirror;Tawny Glass;Acryl;Horsehair;Fabrics;Carbon Color Wiredrawing Stainless Steel.
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