Blizzard (Cinema) by Vincent Li
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The lights are slowly dimmed and movie are projected on the screen. The experience is like as if you are going into dream work where everything are created with different effects each time. We like to think the experience of watching movies is like living inside a blizzard where it captures everything, ideas, thoughts, and feelings and then spits out a total new look, a new understanding. The designer is inspired by the power and motion of the blizzard and would like to preserve a moment of it.
To give the cinema a very unique look, the designer imagined a blizzards and gusty wind swiping through every corner of the cinema. The designer chose the color white to represent the snowy blizzard. As you entered the cinema lobby to the theatre,the walls are designed and formed like waves of wind making the space very dynamic and powerful.The false ceiling is designed and shaped to look like frozen ice sheets where liquidity forms into solidification. The gray flooring like covered with snow.
Design Challenges
To turn a rectilinear space into a modern yet dynamic movie theatre was a challenge. Making the curved forms and lines played a very important role in the design. Before construction, designer had marked out over 100 lines by hand on the ceiling, wall and floor and adjusted them based on site constraints and dimensions in hope to achieve the best results.
Production Technology
Stone/ Acostic panel/ Plastic laminate/ Carpet/ Gypsum board
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