Diffusion (Functional Winter Boots) by WILSON HSU
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Footwear, Shoes and Boots Design Award Winner
Usually winter boots are heavy and thick. Wearing them, people might not be able to step out as smoothly as they want. Besides the functions, the appearances of regular winter boots are similar. The reasons above became the encouragement to create winter boots which are not only light weight, but also has a futuristic look.
DIFFUSION is a variation of winter duck boots. Common duck boots only comes with simple and plain surface, attached three raised lines at the toe part. However, DIFFUSION has three circular cores at toe, heel and arch part, which can liberate the energy from all of the energy bars, the rib-lines on the shell. The continued bars serve as the ribs strengthening the whole structure. The color of bars at the bottom is different from the outsole to enhance the impact of energy. The dual-color rubber outsole creates slip resistance and anti-abrasion. Because of the shell made by ccilucell, the special EVA formula, and the closure structure of the upper, Diffision is completely waterproof. Furthermore, the distinguished metallic eyelets can also serve as the extension of the body of shell.
Design Challenges
Aesthetic: The bars are hard to be connected when it comes to 3 dimensional models. After calculating, it has successfully been well linked with all bars started from 3 core circles and perfectly connected to each other. Classification: People are used to the typical duck boots, so it is essential that Diffusion was launched as a new evolution of duck boots. Operation: Since the size of injection compound cannot be perfectly controlled, it is difficult to make shell, shank, rubber, lining and upper assembled all together. Thus, there is an extra process forced the shape with special setting after injection by forming last, trying to reduce the deviation of size.
Production Technology
The attachment between each molecule of ccilucell compound is so tight that water cannot get into the shell, which provides completely waterproof wearing experience. The dual color rubber outsole is made in one mold, and the two color rubber pads are perfectly sealed together by heat and compression. It cuts down the cost of the assembly process. A solid nylon shank at arch part is supporting and holding the entire foot, so the wearer is not going to have muscular soreness. Nylon material is preceded as a glossy surface, which pops out visually.
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