Xintangwanke Mall International (Cinema) by Ajax Law & Virginia Lung
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Script-writing is usually the first step of film production. Breaking down scripts into smaller elements, Chinese characters are used as a representation of script-writing. In the final design of the project, the theme is portrayed through the installation of Chinese radicals throughout the cinema perimeter. Chinese radicals are the roots of the formation of Chinese characters; each of them carries a unique meaning, and can be grouped in different combinations to create different Chinese characters with new meanings.
3D Chinese radicals are made from metal poles twisted and welded into many layers. These installations are in different shapes and sizes, scattering and overlapping elegantly. The floor was finished in dark brown stone terrazzo, where metal trimmings highlight the Chinese radical floor pattern. The theme extends to different areas in the cinema. Chinese radical-shaped benches and neon light signage echoes the ceiling feature, acoustic panels are piled up to create 3D Chinese radicals on auditorium walls. The audience is fully immersed in the theme throughout the cinema.
Design Challenges
The main theme of the cinema was “Chinese Character”, a meaningful element that can represent Chinese culture, but at the same time a cliché theme for Chinese culture. Many people have already incorporated Chinese character in their designs, for example printing Chinese characters on wallpapers and decorations, which made it a big challenge to outshine the many existing examples.
Production Technology
Metal, paint, metal, back spray paint, crystal glass, clear glass, wash stone, rice stone, artificial stone, tiles, sound-absorbing panels, ,carpet
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