Balmoral (Functional and Fashionable Boots) by SHEN-RU TSENG
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Footwear, Shoes and Boots Design Award Winner
When ORingo Shoes first entered the Hong Kong ,we thought about how could communicate the rich and diverse cultural background of their brand. Therefore, we selected the formal Balmoral leather boots, a classic in the West. In view of Hong Kong’s colonial history .Adopted the famous TsimShaTsui bell tower, Hong Kong into a design image of the bell tower, riding the Zhang-Baozi with the voyage into the Victoria Harbor, a symbol of good fruit with the expectations and apprehension came to Hong Kong, together with the shoes of a beautiful journey.
We selected the formal Balmoral leather boots, a classic in the West, which includes fabrics from the revered old brand of Harris Tweed. Using techniques that integrate different fabrics, Harris Tweed woven since twentieth century on the Isle of Harris, is combined with cow embryo skin which is neither coated nor modified otherwise, to create the Harris Tweed, which is durable, waterproof, and easy to clean. This boot ensures Hong Kong men keep their feet warm and comfortable during the rainy and humid winter in the territory, and combine fashion with functionality, and show great taste on any occasion.
Design Challenges
O’Ringo tries to transfer Hong Kong Clock Tower to image , with expectation and apprehension to sail in Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour on aqua luna , wish to start a nice trip. Therefore, take the most difficult skill called Blake or Mckay, to reduce friction with the ground , to getting wet ,and enhance artistic level furthermore.
Production Technology
Employing a London-style narrow shoe body and twin color design, and taking the classic C-Lsat elegant round-nosed leather shoe as its point of departure, this shoe retains a comfortable wearing experience. The round head has been slightly raised to complete the gentlemanly elegance of the shoe. The difference with traditional Balmoral boots is that they use different materials and more rounded shapes for an enhanced sense of elegance. They kept the Diamond Toe and the Straight Tip to preserve the English gentleman’s style.
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