Heart Ring (Accessory) by Ellen Zhu
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Winner
Designed a set of stackable rings inspired by Chinese Characters that contain the word "heart" as its radical. Rings have always been provided with symbolic meanings since ancient time. There's an old say in Chinese "Men's ten fingers are linked to the heart", this shows the intimate connection between the fingers and "heart".
This design is a set of stackable rings inspired by Chinese Characters that contain the word “heart” as its radical. The rings can be combined into different Chinese characters according to the wearer's mood and feelings. So no matter where people are from, what language they speak can all enjoy the beauty of Chinese Character.
Design Challenges
The biggest challenge of this project was how to design Chinese character into a much more interesting form, as it is one of the most difficult but beautiful characters, I wish more people can have the chance to come into contact with it. Therefore I thought to integrate it with everyday object will be a simple and effective way, ultimately I decide to use ring as the main body, because ring is one of the most common accessory in everyone‘s daily life and have really close connection with human. To let the final work to be more interesting and functional, I designed a range of stackable rings, to allow people to interact with the design.
Production Technology
Rings material selection included silver plated with gold and silver plated with platnium
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