Happaratus (Sculpture Tool) by Morten Grønning
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Prosumer Products, Tools, and Machinery Design Award Winner
I developed the sanding power-glove because as a designer, I am very interested in exploring geometries and the relationship between a form and the material it is made from. The idea of doing this directly with the fingertips, without distancing the user from the material, would enable people to work much more intuitively with complex geometries and create hand-crafted objects really quickly, and with just one tool. The need for making without a workshop and all the tools that is usually needed was essentially the motivation that resulted in the first early experiments.
Happaratus is a power-glove that makes it possible to shape and sculpt hard materials such as wood or stone with your hands. The haptic power-tool is developed in close collaboration with artisans and craft experts from various disciplines including sculptors, designers, model makers and tinkerers. The nature of the workflow makes it easy to create shapes with a very soft and organic aesthetics. London based sculptor and artist David Neat used a Happaratus prototype to create Grinlings, a series of beautiful wooden objects.
Design Challenges
The research question: How would the augmented hand, as a tool for form giving, change the nature of the objects we create, and how would the new opportunities manifest themselves in contemporary craft? The most difficult part of the project was the mechanical engineering, and finding a solution that made the glove easy to control, and work reliably during the user testing. A modified electric kitchen knife showed to be a good solution for a rough works-like demonstrator.
Production Technology
Its important to stress that the project consist of a works-like demonstrator and a looks-like model. The demonstrator that was tested, works by oscillating two abrasive pads at each fingertip, in a particular motion that provides high efficiency and exceptional control. The working demonstrator of Happaratus was successfully tested by three accredited artisans, and show the potential for changing both tools and workflows in future craft practice.
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