Liquid Architecture (Water Dispensers) by Envary Limited
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Home Appliances Design Award Winner
The water dispenser family concept is inspired by the form language of pristine water surfaces, combined with the minimal aesthetic of scientific laboratories. The reduced visual nature of the sparsely accentuated objects also encapsulates a picturesque contrast of planar and curved surfaces; additionally emphasising the intrinsic function of the appliances with different reflective material finishes.
Designed with the needs of Chinese households in mind, the water dispensers feature an accessible front face with a spacious offset spout ensuring a seamless use for a variety of container sizes. The form factors of the products are based on a layered composition of geometric shapes for easy cleaning and open flexibility on busy countertops. The front faces matte finish is contrasted by the polished lower half that materialises the appearance of water, accentuated by the gently carved scoop.
Design Challenges
In modern China filtered water is an indispensable must have for everyday consumption and food preparation. It is crucial that pure water, finely adjustable from hot to cold, can be easily accessed at anytime. Functional and spatial considerations impact the dispensers practicality in busy kitchen spaces, thus both dispensers were designed as ultra compact. The slim form factors help avoid potential gridlock while the geometrically clean cut appearance blends into a variety of kitchen interiors.
Production Technology
Each product consists of 7 key parts, majorities of which are produced with plastic injection molding. To achieve a compelling real-material contrast to the plastic, the top part of the spout is made from Aluminium, which is casted, CNC milled (chamfers in 45 degree diamond cut) and then anodised. The bottom part is then made from chrome plated plastic resin. As the smallest part of the spout the rippled dispense button is coated with electroforming.
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