Waves Entropy (Digital Art) by marta moretto
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Photography and Photo Manipulation Design Award Winner
The wave action is the fundamental way in which energy is transported and transmitted. The waves are an expression of the universal rhythm that orchestrates and sends forth all creation and the development of life on earth.
Starting from the photo of a breaking wave, I proceeded as a physical: how he formalizes an equation based on a model that is built the same way I've simplified subtracting elements and I arrived so to formalize a visual equation entropy. The work depending on the distance from which you look takes many forms, as if the water particles were alive. Up close you discover the transformation of the entropia in the process of creation takes place in different forms. Art as a game and socializing element.
Design Challenges
I'd like to enrich my project declining it in other areas such fashion accessories, design, Jewelry, lamps and furniture design
Production Technology
Printing on plexiglas, textile printing, printing on paper, production of carpets, embroideries, jewelry necklaces, Necklaces and Pendants, lamps burano, Plexiglas chandelier. Suitable materials: paper, cloth, Plexiglas, glass, precious stones, led, glitter, colored beads,
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