On The Rocks (House) by Helena Weber
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
The main guideline of the project is to give a clear and individualized answer, which is based on an intensive consideration of the respective location and its cultural imprint and relate the object to its environment in a natural yet unique way. The resulting concept of space is supposed to outgrow its original core purpose, creating added atmospheric value. The choice of material and the consideration of ecological aspects is considered both self-evident and crucial.
Above the valley, through which the river Ill insistently paves its sateless flow all the way to the Rhine: a residential house, in the midst of a spectacular scenery of nature. It adds a structure of gentle calmness, made of local material, built with local resources. Built onto the rock, the house unfolds a spacious landscape - with just a few nifty architectural gestures a place is created that provides protecting areas of retreat as well as rooms with generous openings towards the valley.
Design Challenges
The challenge of the project was to create a building which communicates with the sourrounding nature and respects the genius loci.
Production Technology
The massive base floor of fairfaced concrete carries the wooden living floor, itself encased and protected by a pulsating fan of silver fir lamella. The reduced-form yet full-fledged materialization generates quiescent clarity, and lets one feel nature and adapted development of room: silver fur tessellation on the outside wall and on the ceiling together with white elements of sheer separation contrast the powerful oak deals of the floor.
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