Infinity (Silver Jewlery Collection) by Mateja Krasovec Pogorelcnik
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Winner
Tetrahedron is found in the structure of many crystals and molecule models, and can be combined into infinite spatial structures. The illusion of infinite structures symbolically implies infinity, and the solid structure alludes to permanence. With its pyramid-like shape, the tetrahedron, as one of the three basic solids, symbolises timelessness eternity. A firm silver tetrahedral structure creates featured contrast to the soft fluidity of the fabric.
The basic building element of the jewelry is the equilateral triangle, and in spatial terms tetrahedron. The tetrahedral structure of connected surfaces is mobile, it follows the shape of the body and provides numerous variations in terms of design. At this creation, the structure enwraps the body, and from below the chest gently falls onto the hips. The creation is completed by bracelets and diadem. Gleam of pyramidal tops is highlighted by embedded ground glass stones.
Design Challenges
The structure of jewelry is geometrical, angular, but flexibility gives it softness and gentleness. The creation is unconventional. It is very important how to wear and to present it. It comes to its utmost beauty when set directly on the skin highlighted with a good direct lighting. Therefore, the jewelry is the most beautiful on evening occasions. The brilliance is the most powerful on the dark background, which also applies to photography of the creations.
Production Technology
Silver jewelry pieces with embedded polished glass stones are, according to drawings, made in Zlatarna Celje, a world-renowned jewelry manufacturer with a long tradition of jewelry. The design of the jewelry is adapted to the specific and the structure of the fabrics chosen for female evening clothing. Consideration should be transparency, optical light reflexes, moving of the body and drop of material. Jewelry is swinging especially parts of the body that the garment does not cover, pointing up the harmony of the contrasts between skin, silver jewelry and fabric.
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