Riya (Necklace) by Priyanka Kedia
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Winner
The inspiration for this necklace comes from two pieces of the past: A family heirloom commissioned by my grandfather for my grandmother; and a silver collar I owned and loved as a child. Riya’s elements combine nods to the past- marquise-shape gemstones and diamonds- and an updated silhouette, giving way to the future. It was designed as a symbol of love and dedication, a legacy to be carried on for generations to come; its aesthetic puts an emphasis on eternal love and the unity of two souls.
Seeking a balance between luxurious and casual, the angular-cut stones juxtaposed with a grouping of pear and marquise-shape stones is playful and eye-catching.The heirloom pieces that inspired this collar were analyzed and deconstructed, their forms abstracted and reinterpreted to create a design of stability and comfort.The gemstones were carefully placed to lend an appearance of symmetry, though the design’s differentiating feature is an asymmetrical look.
Design Challenges
I knew that I wanted to create an asymmetrical look- the unexpected is beautifully appealing. But the question was, how to correctly balance the piece once worn, if one side featured a heavier gemstone weight than the other. The challenge came in crafting a piece that, though necessary to be balanced on both sides, didn’t actually appear that way. As a result, this design took a long time to finish, but in the end, resulted in a style I’m proud of.
Production Technology
Model: First, a wax mold was created and hand-carved. A silver sample was created from the mold, after which it was molded in 18k yellow gold and hand-set with gemstones and diamonds.
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