Guilis (Package Identity) by Michal Sicinski
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Packaging Design Award Winner
In designing process we assumed basic laws of good design: utility, economy and idea. The idea proved to be the key and was very simple. We decided to use the international designation of countries, wich the coffee comes from, and use them as a leitmotif of packaging serie.
Unique in the package is the approach to the project. One of the essential function of packaging is information. We wanted to make this a key value of brand, focus on the message and the information which will be readable, understandable for most of people, and be still outstanding.
Design Challenges
Some of the coffee are imported in small amounts, other in major parts which makes the industrial production of packages uneconomic. The main design problem was to keep low cost production in small and large quantities. We wonted to avoid stickers and made the packages in the same print technique
Production Technology
Printing on finished doypackach with valve turned out to be economical and allowed to keep low-cost production in both small and large quantities, but had a lot of technological limitations. Screenprinting and assembly of valves after printing became our solution. It greatly increased the area that could be used to prepare graphic, and more importantly, allowed to avoided stickers and obtain the desired effect.
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