Laundrybag (Laundry Hamper) by Katja Horst
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
For the design I was inspired by origami folding. As our customers were asking for a new laundry item which should be nice but not expensive, I was looking for a way to use textile fabric and relinquish a metal rack. In this case I tested several ways to get a sturdy textile.
Achieving the extensive pleating featured here is down to a combination of special cutting technique and sophisticated workmanship. The laundrybags firm upright stand is thanks to skilfully set seams and to the double walled structure of the textile used. This sturdiness allows you to fill the laundrybag using both hands without it losing its form. By doing without the usual frame, the laundrybag boasts an innovative aesthetic that, as sales figures show, has proven highly appealing.
Design Challenges
The hardest part of this design activity was to work out production possibilities. First we had to handle unusual big pieces of fabric. It was very difficult to cut the fabric, storing the cuts and working with them on the small sewing machine tables. How to do the folding in handiwork but although in an exact and steady quality was tricky to find out.
Production Technology
The laundry bag is out of folded and sewed polyester fabric, it also contains a PP board to reinforce the bottom, and 8 thin fibresticks to support the shape.
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