Be Like (Lettering Project) by Jenifer Blanco Monzón
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Winner
I get inspired by everything that surrounds me, that is why I try to keep my eyes open and really see. Besides, side projects are an important part of my life because in them, I can really express myself. So I wanted to make a project that made me feel proud and like a true art director, combining all the skills and the knowledge that I have.
This project was created to express my art direction, graphic design, photographic and typographic skills. It was born from the need to create a project unique and colourful. Unique because I combined the conceptual and the design world with the result of a 5 pieces project where each one of them speaks for itself. And Colourful because it was made to catch every eye and to make people feel happy and content by looking at it.
Design Challenges
This project was quite a challenge because I made it all from scratch. The idea was completely new and unique and I did not wanted to fake it by using only photoshop. I really enjoy crafting and set design, that is why I put all my knowledge and skills into it.
Production Technology
The realization of this project was wide in skills. I paint the objects and the typography by hand, made the photoshoot in my own studio and retouched the photos using Photoshop. So I went from analog and craft to digital in one single project.
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