Life From Stone (Exhibition) by Chris Slabber
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Photography and Photo Manipulation Design Award Winner
The initial inspiration was the Springfield's wine is made. Their philosophy is to create wine as naturally as possible. This inspired the idea to create a series of works using found objects and elements from the estate grounds. The simplicity of the artworks was a testament to their uncomplicated and hands on way of making wine allowing for an honest expression in both the artworks and the wine.
Each artwork was inspired and made from objects and elements collected on the estate grounds. The flagship piece entitled Life from Stone was named after the world famous Springfield Estate Sauvignon Blanc. Its name derives from the rocky soil in which it was grown. The work was made using photographs of a quartz rock and a piece of the actual grape vine fusing them together to create a human heart that symbolizes that this plant is the heart of Springfield Estate.
Design Challenges
The biggest challenge was to find objects with the right characteristics for each piece. As mentioned, the idea was to keep the photo manipulation to a minimum. Too much manipulation would make the images/ideas seem forced, rather thank show the purity of nature. For the final execution the pieces were treated with a weathered look to once again emphasize the hand made approach of Springfield Estate.
Production Technology
Each artwork was made using physical elements collected at the estate. They were then photographed and using photoshop the works were completed. The idea was to use minimal amount of manipulation and rather use the organic nature of the objects to complete each image. This was a homage to their natural philosophy about wine making.
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