"annabelle and Guy" (Painting) by Matan Ben Cnaan
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Award Winner
The main motive for this painting was to deal with a moment of a crucial decision and the complex of emotions and behavior that comes with it. Therefore, I based this composition after the biblical story of Jephthah who had to sacrifice his own daughter. I had to look for suitable models and environment and inspirations fromart history such as Titian and Velasquez which gave me ideas for gestures, position etc.
The aim for this painting was combining both visibility and ideas such as emotions complexes and morals, as this painting is based on the biblical story of Jephthah. the main purpose was to capture everyday life in its environment with pictorial language but to imply in the same time the for the moral dilemmas and emotional state of mind as derived from the biblical story. The main question was how to deal with a biblical story while not being anachronistic.
Design Challenges
the project deals with depicting now days scene with classical pictorial language while being based on a horrifying biblical narrative. so it was a real challenge how to do so. looking for the proper models took time as it was crucial to be accurate with both face and body features and of course body language and mimics. Although the painting seems at first view as photo-realistic painting, it's totally not. the painting is built in many layers and many small changes and variety of color texture (impasto). it is always a challenge to keep the pictorial language apart from the photographic language without defect the dialog they have. maybe the greatest challenge of this painting progress like others, is understanding that the painting deals with abstract phenomena as light, colors, shapes but doing so, one can get to depict the most complexed emotions and thought of the sitters and that was the tool for me in this project. using physics to make metaphysics visible.
Production Technology
I used oil colors on board. After taking some sketches at the site it self with the sitters I moved back to my studio and started work on the composition from the sketches I've made and from numerous photos I took.
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