Amulet Eye (Ring Pendant) by DANIELA KOMATOVIC
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Winner
Eyes are more eloquent than lips, they are the voice of the heart and soul mirror. Also, the jewelry that we wear can say a lot about us. The eye as a symbol, is one of the most commonly used symbols in history, which is the path to knowledge and wisdom. This symbol, which we know already from the Egyptian mythology has inspired me this time to design my jewelry collection Eye to the soul, which is not just a decoration, but also a talisman. The eye as a symbol associated with God Horus, which among other things is considered protector of people and their destiny. My motivation was a demand in jewelry market, jewelry that protect you from evil spirits and other negative impacts.
This gold ring or pendant, I present it from my jewelry collection of Eye to the soul, and it is a modern treatment of traditional symbols in a luxurious, sophisticated jewelry with the help of basic geometric shapes, such a circle, square and triangle with a focus on the balance of various shades of sapphire and various colors of gold and black rhodium, with the function of protective amulets.
Design Challenges
The main challenge was to meet the market demand for jewelry in various forms of protective symbols, and thereby to create a luxurious, elegant and timeless talisman, which will be different with its story from many other seen amulets. The big challenge to me was also to handmade install 3 princess shaped sapphires in a form of a cube.
Production Technology
From the first drawings in pencil on paper, through technical drawings in Illustrator CS6 and 3D program to the press model in wax and casting of precious metals, was born a ring of 18 carat gold with fancy sapphires, hand stone setting and carefully selected according to clearly defined heights, given the complexity of handmade installed stones from shaped princess in opposite sides of the cubes of yellow gold. Part of the ring is coated with black rhodium. The ring is very demanding due to the production of flat, geometrical surface of which is made because of not typical hand stone setting.
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