Traditional Festival in Japan (Gift Towel Package) by Yuta Takahashi
2016 - 2017, Golden A' Packaging Design Award Winner
We focused on the paulownia box which is used to store various things from ancient times in Japan. The tung has been used for high-grade furniture since a long time ago because it has the property of being dampproofness, fire retardant and resistant to decay. Also, we have an unique tradition that a calligrapher signs that box. We interpreted this in a contemporary thinking and thought whether we could make a novel design.
We designed gift towels for traditional festival in Japan, Ehime. We did its package with "Imabari towel" which is produced in Ehime for aiming to fuse a tradition and an innovation. The box is made of paulownia wood. It is suitable for storing towels so that it has the quality of being moistureproof. The white packaging symbolizes the color of the towel. And by the collaboration with the calligrapher Mami, the words of thanks to those who supported the festival are written on it.
Design Challenges
We know a lot of people are not willing to revolutionized the tradition. But we thought a modern innovation is necessary in order to inherit the tradition in a true sense. We designed this gift that we expect people can accept modern innovation without discomfort. Additionally, we mixed modernity and our traditional culture with paying them maximum respect. As a result, people welcomed this innovation because we paid close attention to design as we told here.
Production Technology
At first, we thought about harmony with the texture of towels and the thickness of the paulownia box. Normally, the thickness of the paulownia box is 6 mm. However, since the towels are light and soft materials so we pursued an impression which is harmonized with the texture of the towels and the thickness of the paulownia box. Then we changed it to 3 mm.
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