Sweet Kit (Chilled Desert Trolley) by Patrick Sarran
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
Restaurateurs have often asked me to design a dessert trolley. The cart had to be chilled, rather large but not cumbersome, very transparent, with a wide opening, light and handy, and beautiful of course. A trolley from the beginning of the XXth century, signed by Cristofle, had convinced me to look for my own cylinder opening system. After several attempts, I found my solution in August 2016. I had changed my mind. The hood would wrap around the side and not inside.
Pastries need volume and transparency more than any other food. Sweet-Kit is a mobile workstation that enables desserts to be put together in front of diners in the restaurant. The composition of the desserts is showcased under the cylindrical hood - ice cream, pastries, fruit, biscuits, hot and cold sauces, and everything that a pastry chef would need to create their desserts.
Design Challenges
I spent several years unsuccessfully seeking a solution. I wanted to design a cylinder trolley but couldn’t manage it. Weary of trying, I gave other models a go. They all drew inspiration to some extent from my cheese trolleys. However, I had trouble with other technical issues. That was until I had the idea of the wood rotating on a PMMA disc. I knew immediately that the idea was promising. However, development was a long and delicate process. Producing a wooden, smooth and reliable sliding ring was difficult and chilling engineering issues proved to be a headache.
Production Technology
Sweet-Kit use the K range’s base. An wooden hull flanked by two acrylic glass discs supports a Krion board. It is suspended over the feet by four stainless steel supports. It contains cold packs and electronics that manage the injection of chilled air. A moulded PMMA hood, set in two moulded wooden rings, rotates 360 degrees around this hull.The PMMA (poly-methyl-methacrylate) transmits more light as than mineral glass. The convex shape of the hood concentrates the light on the products.
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