Devoted (Breast Pump) by Sin Bing Wong
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Wearable Technologies Design Award Winner
Many of working mothers are forced to stop breastfeeding despite its benefit to both the baby and mother. Breastfeeding is widely known to provide irreplaceable benefit such as the most natural way to strengthen baby immunity through transmitting antibiotic, and reinforces mothers’ recovery after delivery, enhancing the intimacy between baby and mother.
DEVOTED is a breast-pumping set. It designed to foster a private, comfortable, smart and convenient experience that allows its users to pump milk without having to retreat to the unpleasant, unhygienic environment of a toilet. It includes a cloak and pumping components.The cloak covers the upper body to maintain the personal privacy when pumping milk. Then, breast-milk will be transferred through a tube and stored to the container in the hidden pocket. At the same time, the heating pad in breast shield provides warm feeling to mother breasts which can be more comfortable.
Design Challenges
The hardest part of the project is organising and simplify the scenario. Especially this is a set which including different parts. I believed that many inspiration are from making, doing and trying. So I spent most of time on development and testing.
Production Technology
The pumping shield : PP plastic. The container and transfer tube: silicone. The main machine is including LCD screen, motor and battery. Cloak: woven fabric.
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