Create Your Own Moon (Moon Cake) by Yuen Lam Cheung
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Packaging Design Award Winner
Gifting during Mid-Autumn Festival is so common in Hong Kong that the true meaning maybe lost within the excessiveness. The festival celebrates family reunion, what could that be reflected with design? The designer was inspired by the bland dinner gatherings, and want reengage people in communicating with their family.
Create your own moon builds on the meaning "Time of reunion" during the Mid-Autumn Festival. An one of a kind rounded shape mooncake that mimics the golden moon was a customary designed. The user can create a miniature moon with his/her beloved ones, to share the sweetness of reunion time together implicitly. The colourful powder drizzled on the unique mooncake symbolizes creativity and vibrancy. Through this collaborative process, it adds a new dimensions and motive to the traditional activities in the festival. 
Design Challenges
While the designers happily embraced creative and structural obstacles, the making of the mooncake was the most challenging. Traditional moon cake is layer with three ingredients that cooks at different temperatures. The making of the mooncake was difficult even for professional bakers. After days of trail and error with ruptured mooncake crumbs, the designers found alternate ways in achieving the custom round shape.
Production Technology
The production of the mooncake require careful calculation of time and temperature. Many food safe materials were sourced for the whole project. There are two versions of the packaging, acrylic made and cardboard box. Each material require a slightly different structure. Two production companies were hired for the two versions. Constant communicated were made to ensure both versions pairs with each other.
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