F Bistronome (Restaurant) by David Chang
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Hospitality, Recreation, Travel and Tourism Design Award Winner
The inspiration of design came from the blue logo of F Bistronome. Blue is a symbolic color of France. From the flag of France (le drapeau tricolore) to the national team uniform (les bleus), and from Blue Frankish (the grapes originated from Austria and one of the most ancient ingredient for wine making, prevalent in the 18th century) to French Riviera, the elegance of the blue color pervades throughout the restaurant, immersing people in the nostalgic and warm experience of classic Paris.
F Bistronome is located at the China World Tower, Beijing Central Business District, prominent amongst the crowd of high-end restaurants. As the rush hour gradually passes in the evening, the restaurant shines peacefully like a floating crystal box in the heart of Beijing. The restaurant serves classical French delicacies with sensitivity and understanding of quality natural ingredients. F Bistronome simplifies the formality of French cuisine and, with the inheritance of the traditional recipes from French mothers, provides the flavor of the authentic home dishes.
Design Challenges
During our site visit, we discovered that the space is irregularly shaped where the columns were asymmetrically allocated, losing the balance and visual focus. Following a series of measurements and research, we decided to create a bar counter with a 45-degree angle to line up with the corner of the column in front. The oval seat was then designed right at the center of the dining area. The abstract representation of Eiffel tower hanging from the ceiling over the dining area hence immediately became the visual focus and the balance achieved.
Production Technology
This project combines Art Deco and French classical style to create the atmosphere of solemnness, modernity, fashion and elegance. Structurally, the four columns decorated with the stacks of copper frames becomes the visual focus of the whole space right around the oval seating area, forming a cross above to create the three-dimensional image of Eiffel Tower which introduces the feeling of dining under the iron tower. In terms of material, the mirror, glass and metal are applied to create modernity.
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