Yo Sperm Test (Multi-Functional Smartphone Microscope) by Marcia Deutsch
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Design Quality and Innovation
Globally, roughly 15% of couples face infertility. 30% of the 'problem' is attributed to men. In many cultures, the male is NEVER tested or only after no female cause is established. The embarassment/fear a man faces when openly confronting his infertility hits his core masculinity and biological 'purpose' in life - procreation. We wanted to provide a personal, accurate, affordable, interactive, easy to use product for men to encourage and support their need to test themselves in order to have kids.
YO is a Smartphone based home sperm test. A YO Clip mini-microscope (attaining X400 magnification) slides over the phone utilizing the phone light and camera to capture and analyze a video of sperm. The sample, delivered via a proprietary YO slide is analyzed by the YO app algorithms and provides step by step instructions for sample prep/testing. The consumer receives test results and a video of their moving sperm. YO has a patent on the YO Clip and pending patents on the YO slide.
Design Challenges
The most daunting obstacle for this OTC medical device was regulatory clearance by the FDA & CE. This three year process began in parallel to our product development cycle. We had to test YO in every possible way: Algorithms for the software, confidentiality because it was on a Smartphone platform, performance clinically for accuracy, precision at multiple sites worldwide, function of the YO Clip, endurance of the YO Clip, contamination, quality control when using the YO Clip and app. YO is a breakthrough product (home testing on a Smartphone platform – using your phone as a microscope).
Production Technology
Designed to be: Cool and cheap for the Millennial consumer market, easy to use, cost effective at low volumes/scalable to mass production. What we designed: o Fixed coverslip plastic slide w/hydrophilic properties to fill automatically (easy to use) o Autofocus based on fixed slide depth, thickness of coverslip and interaction w/ball lens (easy to use) o Known ball lens technology (cost effective) o Snap together YO Clip designed for easy assembly (scalability) o YO Clip designed to provide phone stability/perfect viewing angle (cool look)
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