Lotus Spring (Exhibition Hall) by Jianjing Cai
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Helping modern peoples to understand the traditional Chinese liquor culture and Hakka culture, to interpretation it, to inheritage it, and to experss it, is a great mission that we are responsible for. Our inspiration and motivation also comes from this. After repeated study, we propose a solution of expression to in line with the temperament of this case should be: starkness, simplify, static and dynamic binding, gently and softly, Based on the New Chinese Style.
Lotus Spring Exhibition Hall is the culture exhibition hall of the headquarter of Lianquan Liquor Co., Ltd. In this case, we based on the essence of Chinese liquor culture and the Hakka culture, and combined it with modern decorative design techniques, to create a cultural exhibition hall which is rich in the unique culture of the traditional China, and in line with the modern aesthetic, meanwhile it can quickly convey the spirit and product characteristics of Lianquan enterprise.
Design Challenges
There are three main difficulties. The first part is the aesthetic difference between traditional culture and modern lifestyle. We need to be well refined and integrated. The second part is time pressure, the entire project should be finished within 3 months from the very start. We must to digest a lot of material and provide a practical design and construction program very quickly. The third part is the economy. Owners required us to control costs as much as possible , using simple materials and processes to finish the entire project. However, we must ensure that its artistic quality and the overall effect.
Production Technology
The main colors of the project are black, white, gray and original wood color. A large number of surface are decorated with Chinese ink landscape painting or just left blank white in the form of Hui Style, one of the Chinese architecture style, and the color of Chinese Red partly in to lighten the whole space. Tang architectures were majesticd, magnificent and rigorous, while the Hakka culture is gentle, refined, and inclusive. In this case we combined these together. Most of the decorative surface to take a single material, lines neatly and tough, while the details at the exquisite delicacy. The main decorative materials are made of green brick, culture stone, wood and other natural materials. The facade of the front desk is covered with a high-precision silk screen wall covering. Making the entire front desk as if a landscape painting, blend with the hall. At the top of the main entrance hall, with the symbols extracted from the Chinese red square seal, we customized a "lotus spring" combination chandelier, to metaphor the corporate brand image. The bridge over the water in the middle of the hall, shows that the dynamic and static, rigid and soft interpenetration. On the water, several Taihu stone holding the Lotus Spring's flagship products, as the core area of the exhibition hall. Above it, with the traditional Chinese wooden structure, painted with the color Chinese red, attracting attention effectively. At the end of the scene, stacked wind-and-fire walls, creating a sense of something more to say, something quiet and far away.
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