R L (Restaurant) by Min-Han Lin
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
I got the inspiration from the symmetry of the chinese diagram of the universe Taiji. As a result, customers curiosity will be raised by this fascinating visual impact.
The left side of the space belongs to the Pastry Chefs snow world. Those exquisite handmade French desserts are placed nicely inside the shiny showcase. By using white glossy tiles, white painted bricks, stainless finishing and bright marble, the room is just as elegant as those delicate desserts. The other side belongs to the Cuisine Chefs dark land. In order to create a good contrast of the space, designers choose the black glossy tiles, black painted bricks, blackened metal and dark wood, not only try to make a conversation with the white space, also keep the stylish of black color.
Design Challenges
It is hard to separate a space into two different color completely, even from ground to ceiling. Because we need to think about space plan and color separating line in the same time.
Production Technology
Brick / Tile / Marble / Epoxy / Black Steel
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