Buzao Qie (Pendant Light) by Jiaqi Liu
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Winner
The 'Buzao' series is a project we want to present to the people who are passionate toward life and would like to accept something new. 'Buzao' means 'I don't know' in mandarin but literally means 'to not overwork'. We believe that there is no actual creation but only changes - so called 'creating' is actually changing something familiar into an unfamiliar way that we had not experienced before.
A simple and clear integrated design of pendant light made from volcanic rock. One version of the Qie pendant light uses a metallic end, makes the contradiction of colors and textures between volcanic rock and metallic surface is fascinating. Insulating stone material makes it safe from occurrence of electric shock and the rock itself is so durable that you might not have to get a new one anymore.
Design Challenges
The volcanic rock as a material is quite brittle and it was a challenge to carve on the volcanic rock to make an empty space for electronic components to install later.
Production Technology
The beginning of the idea of this product was a trip we went to Teng Chong, a town near to a volcano. The entire town applied only one kind of stylishly porous stone to make bricks, floor tiles and so on. We felt in love with the rock and later realized that most volcanic rocks that is not too large in size were regarded as 'wastes', which made us wanted to reuse it as a cool material we could apply on our products. As we wanted to reduce waste, we tried reusing the leftover material to make small items including ‘Qie’. Qie does not need any decoration as its unique texture of volcanic rock surface has provided enough decoration. Simple geometric shapes guarantees a certain degree of compressive resistance and thus decreases the rate of spoiled products.
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