Geoluxe (Countertop Material) by Phrap Phungrasamee
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Building Materials, Construction Components, Structures & Systems Design Award Winner
Geoluxe is inspired by millions of years by nature's research and development. We have developed a technique to recreate and condense the natural stone formation process into a space of minutes. Our unique stone countertop is resistant to heat, stain and scratch to give chefs, designers and architects an unprecedented level of freedom at all moments.
Geoluxe is the latest generation of countertop material. Aesthetic, the closest resemble of Natural marble with homogeneous realistic and continuous marble veins through the entire slab body, depth and richness of colors unlike any other surfaces, the luxurious glossy finish is truly from its polished texture. Functionality, scratch resistance, heat and frost resistance, impact resistance, no color fade away, low maintenance, low porosity, UV resistance and pro-hygienic.
Design Challenges
Our dedication, Geoluxe (by SCG) is the fruitful result of the hardworking effort of more than 50 SCG innovators. It took us nearly a decade to achieve this innovative GeoMimicry technology. The patent of this Technology has been registered in over 20 countries of which include the US, Europe, and Asia. Anyway, the research and development keeps going on for the betterment.
Production Technology
We tried to understand the current inconveniences of existing materials and identified the gap where we can make the difference. The best way to innovate is to observe from the nature by learning how the marble is made. This was how we came up with our Technology. It is the process of imitating long-term geological processes such as the natural formation of lava. This process emulates the same natural metamorphic processes that produce marble, resulting in a breakthrough material called Pyrolithic stone.
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